English for Medical Purposes


Learning English is essential for medical professionals and necessary for their training and upcoming  medical careers, because all medical information for medical professionals is available in English language and most international conferences and congresses are presented in English. English language is necessary for medical professionals as most of information present in books, articles, documents and journals are in English language.

English for medical purpose (EMP) became essential. EMP is a kind of English for specific purpose ESP which is important for academic and professional needs of medical students. Some scholars noticed that English has got an unquestionable status in medical settings of Algerian. There are several reasons for medical professionals to learn medical English as it has gained nowadays the status of Lingua Franca. There are many academic and professional settings relying on English as far as Algerian medical situation is concerned.

The courses have a strong practical focus making trainees develop a sufficient confidence and English language skills to participate internationally.

If you are working on a research project, preparing a dissertation, a presentation, or writing a scientific paper, you can get personalized professional assistance and guidance.

Throughout the courses, you learn essential specialist healthcare English and communication skills with accuracy and confidence.

At the end of the training, you should be able to:

  • Understand a given speech in English, read, comprehend and analyze any article in your field.
  • Explore scientific articles relating to different specialties of medicine;
  • Prepare presentations specific to the field;


Core Unit Activities

  • Vocabulary (Technical vocabulary)
  • Reading
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Spelling and recognition
  • Speaking
  • English Grammar (EAP) tips

Since there is growing global demand for English speaking medical professionals, we offer a range of courses to meet your English language needs, whether you are a medical researcher, MD, GP, or Physician.

Training focus

Core Unit Activities

  • English Phonetics and Pronunciation
  • Medical terminology
  • Scientific paper analysis and editing
  • Academic writing features
  • Oral communication in conferences
  • Article submission procedure
  • Common expressions in English
  • Abbreviations and acronyms in English
  • MeSH and Journal finder (Practice)
  • The use of Pubmed for MD (Practice)
  • Microsoft Word Readability Test

Target learners

  • Healthcare professionals (MD and physicians)
  • University medical students
  • Those working in the medical field

Methods of training

  • Video projector
  • Personal computer / laptop and mobile apps
  • Discussion and group interaction

Duration of the training

  • Four (4) Levels
  • Courses : 76 hours
  • Seminaries : 16 hours

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